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Ultimate Guide: All You Need to Know About Water Diet!!!

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What is water diet?

This is a special type of diet, don’t you think so? It is not plainly water for all your breakfast, lunch and super as it appears literally. Water diet is simply a diet consisting of just the right amount of water. This is particularly purposed to keep your body at the best level of hydration for the normal metabolic processes. So it is not about substituting your meals with water after all!!

Water Diet GuideSo, does water impact on our body metabolism?

Before we embark on this, a rather shocking finding is that many people are not aware of how much water they are drinking. Majority are not even aware of how much they are not drinking just enough. Back to our main concern, all cellular operations rely heavily on water, body metabolism is no exception. If the body is well hydrated, cellular metabolism is at its best. The reverse logic also applies. If the body is overly hydrated, there is the other risk of flop in the body metabolism. That is why water diet is appropriate for detailing the best levels of hydration for your body.

The implementation procedure of water diet

The actual implementation procedure of this special diet is simple. It is basically composed of keeping an eye on your water uptake throughout the day. You must have heard about the “8-glass therapy”, right? Well, that is not even the point. In implementing the water diet, just take enough water after your exercises, before you meals, have some glass of water. The whole concept is to ensure that your level of hydration is just at the best level.

Remember a lot of water in your body is also not healthy. In some individuals like those suffering from oedema, excess water uptake is a potent death trap. So, just enough is good for you if water diet is to be beneficial.

How does water really help quench your thirst or hunger?

Research works have shown that the human mind has no very efficient mechanism of distinguishing hunger from thirst. This is one of the basics of the water diet. That any gnawing sense of hunger should not be interpreted to mean a snack. Try a glass of water instead.

Another water diet tip touches on how to reduce your food intake, eating just enough. If you drink a glass of water right before that meal, you are likely to eat less and get the most out of your meal. Still drawing from the same research, a glass of water before a meal cuts your calories intake by an amazing 75. Over a whole year, this is a real awesome step. Do your math!!! Roughly 27,000 calories off. For those battling with weight you know what that means on the scale.

Which are the digestive health benefits of water?

 waterWater is at the heart of success in getting value for the food that you eat. Water and digestion go hand in hand. It enables the nutrients in the food to be sieved out of the food carefully. Needless to mention, the kidneys, the liver and even the human brain rely heavily on water for efficiency.
It is common knowledge that if you are low on fluids then constipation is very imminent after that delicious meal!!!!

Some of the facts know while doing the water diet?

Water is very essential, of course this has over time turned into a cliché. Even so, many people still over look some of the vital roles of water in their body metabolism. In the same light, we shall disclose number of facts concerning water.

i. Water helps flush toxins from the body

Water diet is very essential in the sense that it assists the kidneys get rid of bodily toxins. Insufficient water in the body implies that substantial levels of the same will accumulate in the body. According to Hess¬-Fisch of the University of Chicago, water plays the biggest role in the elimination of nutrients from the body.

ii. Water and weight loss

If you really want to see that scale reading coming down low, you have to complement that cardio training or strength training with plentiful water. Your water does the weight loss by helping you reduce on the intake of other calorie laden beverages. It also helps you reduce the amount of food you take, especially if taken before a meal. According to a recent research in Germany, water increases the overall rate at which calories are burnet in the body by up to 30%. Now you know the secret weapon in your epic battle with body fat!!!!

iii. Keep off used plastic water bottles

This is yet another shocking revelation. Of course recycling plastics is highly recommended, but reusing plastic water bottles puts at a greater risk of contracting some of the deadliest bacterial infections due to sharing. Hess-Fisch also asserts that the plastic bottles, just like their metal counterparts, have the tendency to leach part of their chemical compositions. This, she explains, is very common after multiple uses. Now you know, a must- have, water diet tip, huh!!!!

Water Diet BenefitsEven with the many facts about water and the role it plays in body metabolism, myths on the same remain. Some of the very common myths and misconceptions on water and its consumption are as follows:

• Sports drinks by far outweigh water in terms of efficiency in athletics

This is one very popular myth. Water remains the best fluid for athletes because it is very efficient in the transportation of nutrients. This is basically what the athlete needs. The sports beverages may not suffice in meeting the requisite level of hydration, even though their advertisements may turnout flashy and fancier. Get the truth from leading athletes. They will give you just the same advice.

• Thirst is an indication of dehydration

This is yet another bestselling myth. According to nutrition experts, thirst comes whenever the concentration of blood is above 2%. This is way below the levels necessary to declare dehydration.

• Yellow urine indicates dehydration of the body

This is a myth and a fact altogether. Consumption substances like foods with coloration pigments or just multivitamins are a recipe for yellow urine.

Looked from that perspective, yellow urine is no cause for alarm. On the other hand, yellow urine may also signal dehydration. In the case of the working mechanism of the kidneys, they filter out wastes from blood and monitor the volume of water in blood. This is to say that the kidneys reabsorb water at times depending on the level of bodily hydration. Going by that analogy, it therefore implies that if the body is dehydrated, it is only orderly that more water is reabsorbed from urine into blood so that the final urine is yellow in color.

All said and done, knowledge of water diet is the secret to long life with no stress of health conditions. You want to keep it healthy till your sunset years, keep it water!!!!

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