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Top 8 Tips to Avoid Holiday Pounds Gain

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Like any holiday, you’re going to attend parties and share few unforgettable moments with your family, friends or colleagues and there will be a lot of food. As usual, when the holiday is finally over the endless repeated shock will remain as the bathroom scale shows, you gained holiday pounds again.

Holiday Pounds Gain - Fat Reduction ProResearches reveals that most of people gain extra holiday pounds over their holidays. This is a normal expected result after this amount of activities and unmonitored behavior.

If you success in prevent these pounds to be gained in the holidays, it’ll be easier to monitor your weight and work on reducing in in the other days.

Here are some tips that will help you to avoid gaining holiday pounds:

Keep Moving

Be engaged in regular exercises to burn the extra calories, and in holidays try to make your exercises more effective by increasing their duration. If your daily exercises’ duration was 30 min per day, try to increase  it to 45 min or an hour, the same way with the frequency of your exercises, if you used to do exercises three times a week, make it 4 or 5 times, this will be more sufficient for you.

Track Your Weight During Holidays

Try to make tracking schedule in the holidays, and whenever you observe that there is an increase of 2 or 3 pounds, there will be enough time to fix the issue during the holidays by monitoring your intake.

Never Arrive to a Party Hungry

Always try to go to a party with something in your stomach to avoid the feeling of hunger, it could be low calorie snack. This will help you to eat the least amount of the party high caloric foods, and win the nice party with no holiday pounds gain.

Be SocialSocial party - Fat Reduction Pro

Remember that the holiday parties are for people to group together and share some conversation, news and activities, not just a people who came to hover around the table or to face the buffet, so focus on people and lasting memories that could not be created elsewhere. By the way, all of these activities are calorie-free.

Watch Your Calories

In any party you attend, keep your eyes on the calories you take, however you are exercising more in the holiday, this cannot guarantee the weight loss as limiting your calories do. Focus on those low calorie salad that could give you full feeling, with the least possible calories gain.

Drink More Water

Studies found that those who drink more water throughout the day end up with eating low total calories in the whole day, as water-rich food also help you to feel filled up. Even in parties you can keep a cup of water in your hand , and drink it between bites, in order to meet the required amount per day.

Release the Stress

Gardening to Release Stress - Fat Reduction Pro

You may be stressed due to some extra finance of the holidays, even extended visits with your family could not be tension-free, and this might result in emotional eating.

To avoid getting in this trap, you can change your life style. This may mean having time alone, getting enough sleep, going out with family and kids as a change, gardening or doing unusual activity in your yard with the family. All of these things could help you to release the stress.

Don’t Trick Yourself ( Be Honest )

You might give yourself excuses to do things that could harm you and get you out of your track, one of these tricky excuses is when you tell yourself that “I will eat anything in the holiday and perform better in the next business day with more energy”, you’re really tricking yourself this way.  Another tricky excuse is when you tell yourself “I could have more calories in my meal and do extra time in the gym”.

Another way to cheat yourself is when you are following a diet system and did in a mistake by eating something that have high calories, then you tell yourself that you failed to stick to your diet, and completely give up. It is better to forgive yourself and get back to the track than giving up.

It’s always easy to underestimate your overeating, and do a lot of mistakes, interrupt your fat reduction journey and end up with more fat in your body.  Surely you’ll find excuses to satisfy yourself, but the mirror will have another convincing opinion, so be honest with yourself.

You may see that there are more tips that could help you to avoid holiday pounds, feel free to add it via commenting if you have any.


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