Fat Reduction Diets

The Real Reasons of Weight Gain

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Unwanted weight gain resulted in health concerns in the whole world especially in the west.

Obesity is the most leading reason of those death cases in the world that could be avoided.

Researches have been done to find  the main reasons of weight gain that people face all over the world, and those studies resulted – as simple example – that the general weight nowadays in much higher than the numbers scored in 1960s

Fact That Shocks

There must be factors that can be contribute in this change and actions should be taken  to specify those factors in order to control them. Some results of the researches where a little bit confusing, however our children today is participating in many exercise activities, just like the children of decades ago, and weight gain is still appearing, this is really confusing as it was thought by the old societies that lack of exercise, among other issues has been cited a reason of weight gain or becoming fat.

Reasons of Weight Gain and Fat You Must Not Overlook

Another factor that should be considered is the food we eat every day, that we really shouldn’t overlook it. Studies found that we extensively increased our intake which contain high percentage of sugar that people consume in the last fifty years. As we also cannot lose a sight of the fat we eat that is noticeably increased. So, food can be counted with the exercises that found to be the reasons of weight gain. It is stated that people eat huge amount of junk food that is saturated with fat, desserts, alcohol and soft drinks which contain greater amount of sugar, which by result will increase our calories. The logic say that, if we have higher calorie intake, we are enforced to do more workouts to burn the extra calories. If this is not achieved the weight gain will be a normal result.

What is the Solution ?

To solve these problems you have to control the change of your eating habits. And this could be met by having low carb foods.  This way the calories in the meals will be nearly monitored and will help to get better health.

Carbohydrates Food - fatreduction

Low Carb diets are defined based on the amount of calories that will be derived from carbohydrates or the percentage of Carb itself in the diets. Also, low carb diets can be those diets that enable the body to only derive between 5% – 45% of calories from Carbohydrates as the normal percentage of calories that would be derived according to the U.S. guidelines on health is about 50%-60%. So, a Low Carb diet is meant to be those serious attempts to decrease the food with high carbohydrate levels, especially those that highly rise in blood sugar.

However, the discussion on the pros of the low carb diets is still on the table,  it’s right that the percentage of carbohydrates in the body differs from one to another and this kind of diet will better for those who are sensitive  or already have a low percentage of carbohydrates.  As this system depend on the carbohydrate reduction,  sources of carbohydrates should be avoided or extremely reduced,  like potatoes, white rice, white flour and sugar.

What Can Help You Too

It is known that the Carb reduction causes weight and fat reduction. so, close monitoring should be present to notice it immediately, then the Carb intake could be slowly increased till your blood could control the glucose. It’s also recommended to use the ketogenic diet in which energy is generated from fats instead of glucose. This will push your body to adopt the fat or to do what is called ket adaptation. This will rise the efficiency of your body metabolism and will enhance your stamina as energy which is produced from fat will last longer than the glucose energy.



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