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The Perfect Low Carb Diet Plan for You

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Concerns on how to lose weight remain major in many parts of the globe. Finding the best methods to beat excess body weight and other related health conditions mean a check on what you eat. That is why a perfect carb diet plan is just all that you need.

low carbs diet plan - Fat Reduction ProA carefully measured consumption of carbohydrates is ideal for good health. Scientific backing has over time demonstrated the high probability of success in weight loss, optimized healthy living and general reduced risk of disease by lowering consumption of carbs.

So, what constitutes a perfect low carb diet?

There are particular considerations one has to make in the choice of any diet plan. This article has details on low carb diet plan. Because the details are nod engraved on stone, they are but basic tips that will depend on the following:

  • An individual’s health status
  • Amount of exercise
  • Amount of weight to lose

Depending on an individual’s health status, one can choose on a diet plan on carbs. Some individuals have health conditions like diabetes and obesity. Others on the other hand are healthy and would love to remain so for the rest of their life.

Individuals exercise differently. Depending on your level of daily exercises carbs consumption will vary. Even to individuals who are not able to exercise appropriately, there is need to check on your uptake of sugars and starch.

Depending on one’s health status or amount of exercise, individuals will require to lose varied amounts of weight. Depending on this, individuals have different low carb diet plans that suites their own needs.

Which foods constitutes a perfect low carb diet plan?

Low Carb Diet FoodsThere are particular foods that are low on carbohydrates or just have no carbohydrates at all. Most of these constitutes the best carbohydrate diet plan. Here are some of the foods you are advised to eat more of:

Meat, fish and shellfish, eggs, natural fat, high fat sauces, veggies, dairy products, nuts and berries.


As part of your diet plan, eat meat in all its edible forms. Most of all, go for organic or grass fed meat.

Fish and eggs
Eat all kinds of fish but shun breading of the same. Breading waters down the whole plan because it implies consumption of starch. Organic eggs are best when fried or boiled.

Dairy products
Keep to the full fat dairy products always. Avoid sugary milk products as well as low fat dairy products.

Nuts and berries
These are recommended but are best taken with moderation.

There are other particular types of foods to avoid. This is because of their high sugar or starch content. Most of these types of foods have no real health benefits. Instead, they escalated on carb related health risks.

Which foods to avoid when on a low carb diet plan?

In our list of don’ts there are particular foods. They include;

  • Sugar
  • Starch
  • Margarine
  • Liquor
  • Fruits
  • Sugar

Sweet as it may taste in all its forms, sugar and related products will work up your blood sugar, risk of heart infections, body weight and worse still, some sugary candy products will mess your dental formula. You really want your low carb diet plan to work, then strike off sugar from that “to do list”. In short, chocolate, soft drinks, juice cakes, ice creams and many other related products should be a thing of the past.


This is yet another version of sugars, if your biology still serves you right. In the long run, an excess of starch in the body is a perfect recipe for weight gain. Any excesses are converted to body fat and stored for later use. You surely don’t want to gain wait, do you? Just check on your consumption of bread, rice, potatoes, muesli and other related starchy products.

Low Carb KitchenMargarine

This is an industrially limited butter fat. It is rich in artificial omega-6 fat. Truly speaking, you don’t need this. Margarine has no known health benefit save for adding on your fat deposits. Who want to gain weight anyway!!
Shockingly, scientific evidence links it to health conditions like asthma, allergies and obesity. You didn’t know that? Know you know. Good for you!!

Liquor and fruits

Alcoholic spirits like beer are rich in dissolved carbs that are readily absorbed in the body. Unlike a popular belief by many alcoholics that I works down body fats, in facts it lets you add more to your fat reserves. Fruits must also be taken moderately. Most fruits are high in sugar. The fruit sugars are very rich in carbs and so, must be taken with a lot of caution. This does not imply you avoid fruit totally! It is but an advice to consume fruits in measured proportions in order to realize positive results with that low carb diet plan.

Why low carb diet is recommended?

As above mentioned, sugar and starch constitute the bulk of carbohydrate foods. An appropriate diet plan therefore implies checking on your consumption of sugar and starch. Just to satiate your curiosity, the following break-down reveals why you should really cut down your carbs.

Biologically, carbohydrates are reduced to simple sugars in the body. The sugars; starch and other sugars, are absorbed into blood. This spikes blood sugar thereby initiating the release of insulin; the fat storing hormone. Insulin checks blood sugar level by converting excess sugar into fats. The fats are channeled to the body fat stores. The whole cycle of operation involved is complex. The end result normally is weight gain.

The best way to manage body weight, heart infections and other related health conditions is by having a carefully calculated low carb diet plan. A strict adherence to this is the only secret to healthy living.

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