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How to Reduce Belly Fat

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Many people dream of having flat abs and go to gym in order to make their dream real, they start doing weight exercises, hundreds of crunches and end with disappointing results that make  them finally give up. They don’t realize that fat is the real problem that form the main obstacle in front of them.

How to Reduce Belly Fat - Fat Reduction ProWeight training could play as supporter for you by building lean mass, but it will not melt belly fat that cover your abs. So that, if you want to have ripped six pack abs, what you need is to reduce belly fat first.

How to reduce Belly Fat and Show Abs

Six pack abs start to appear when you reduce your body fat percentage to 10% or below, which should be your target from now on.

Reducing body fat percentage could be achieved by three essential factors:  food, cardio and exercises.

How to Clean Food to Reduce Belly Fat

Your food has great impact on reducing belly fat, the healthier your food is, the higher caloric burning rate you have. Furthermore, distributing your intake among five to seven small meals will force your body to burn more and will not give your body any excuse to store fat as it never reach the starvation mode.

The Meals should include the following important groups with their propositions ( 40% Protein, 50% Carbs, and 10% Good Fat). Unhealthy snacks or junk food should be omitted from your meals schedule.

Sugar and simple carb should be limited to minimum due to their effect on blood sugar, it was found that the higher sugar in your blood, the more fat is stored in your body. While drinking plenty amount of water has an oppose effect, it helps you to reduce belly fat as it lowers the sugar in your blood which limits storing fat in your body.

Sufficient Cardio to Reduce Belly FatThe Needed Cardio to reduce belly fat - Fat Reduction Pro

Cardio is the key for your fat loss program, it uses the fat cells for burning, doing sessions 20-30 minutes of cardio 3-5 days per week is sufficient to reduce belly fat. There are two times that has the highest burning rate: the first one is directly after your resistance training, while the second suitable time is on your fasting state. Don’t forget to vary your cardio training to kill the bore, you could try different machines ( if you have ), brisk walking, running, swimming or rope jumping.

Doing high intensity interval training cardio could help you to reach your results faster, however HIIT cardio is recommended for intermediate and advanced levels, you could try it and decide yourself.

Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat:

Abs muscles are like any muscle need time to recover after training them, so doing hundreds of repetitions ends with undesired results.

The following three exercises target the abs groups to tone them and show their definitions:

Leg Raise

Leg raise is one of the great abs workout, it helps in isolating the lower abs and help you to build strength, leg raises always find their way to any complete abs program. You can do 3 sets of 15-25 reps.

Six Pack Abs Exercises - Fat Reduction ProSit Up

Sit up is one of the most used abs exercise, it target the abs directly. Adding weights to this exercise gives excellent result in the toning, size and strength.

Dumbbell Side bends

Side bend is a strength exercise that targets the oblique, you can control the intensity by increasing or decreasing the weights. Doing it with two dumbbell for both sides will save time, however using one dumbbell for one side at a time will give you more focus on the side you train.


Bottom Line

Now you finished reading above how to reduce belly fat, how your food should be cleaned, what is the sufficient cardio to burn fat, and the exercises that help you to show and tone your abs, but you should remember that abs is not an overnight goal, it is a commitment and  determination journey that you should do with challenge.

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