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How to Lose Upper Body Fat for Women

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Body fat reduction is a general process that could not naturally be spotted for any part of the body, as it is the same process for women and men. You shouldn’t worry, since you are asking how to lose upper body fat for women, this means that your body is storing fat in the upper body more than the other areas as basic survival procedure, this happens for all people as they could be genetically different in the areas they tend to store their fat in.


how to lose upper body fat for women - Fat Reduction ProYou could reduce upper body fat and reduce your body fat percentage in general by sticking to your healthy program that should contain healthy diet and effective exercises, and being consistent and persistent.

The following tips should be help you to reduce upper body fat fast:

Have a Caloric Deficit

Your food planning is the key to lose upper body fat, try to reduce your caloric intake by 300-400 calories daily, this will help your body system to look for those strategic fat stores and burn them to produce energy.

Clean Your Food

Any successful weight loss program is hugely depending on your diet system, which is forming about 70% of the overall process. Cleaning your food could be done by avoiding the bad fats, junk foods, and reducing fast carbs, sugar and salt to minimum.
Your healthy weight loss diet should include 10% good fats, 40% protein, and 50% complex carbs.

Do Cardio Sessions

rope jumping for losing upper body weightDoing cardio helps you to increase the number of calories to be burned which is going to widen the caloric deficit mentioned above, this will speed up your upper body fat burning goal achievement, brisk walking, running, rope jumping, or swimming is okay for 20-30 minutes are enough for 3 days per week, the best times are after your resistance training and on you fasting state. Check your heart rate to make sure you are doing your cardio at the correct fat burning level.

High Intensity Interval Training

If you want to get faster result, you should hit the HIIT as it is your faster cardio exercises to get rid of upper body fat. Do it after your resistance sessions or at your fasting state to reduce upper body fat fast for two-three times per week.

Do Toning Exercises

It is the time now for the toning exercises that promotes the raising of your metabolic level, and increasing your lean mass percentage against your body fat percentage. Studies found that the more lean mass you gain the more calories you will burn. So, doing some targeted toning exercises help you to support your fat loss journey.
You can do: push-ups, bicep curl, wrist curl, triceps overhead extension, triceps push-ups, dumbbell shoulder press, and/or slide dumbbell lateral raise, these exercises are experienced as the best exercises to lose upper body fat for women. 3 – 4 Sets of 15 repetitions of these exercises three times a week with greatly help your lean mass growth as losing upper body fat by result.

Drinking water helps you to lose body fat - Fat Reduction ProAdopt your day with healthy habits

Habits greatly affect your weight loss, so you should manage your habits in a way that serve your goal, drinking plenty of water, sleeping enough as your body need, getting health snacks, and having your meals in time ( don’t skip your breakfast) are of those habits that should in mind while having any diet.

Bottom line

We came to an end of post and you know the answer to your question regarding losing upper body fat for women. Always remember that fitness is not a stage of your life, it is a manner of living. We hope you found this article informative for you. Don’t Forget to consult a doctor before following any of the tips mentioned above especially if you are experiencing any healthy issues.

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