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Ultimate Guide: How to Lose Thigh Fat Fast

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Many people always ask how to lose thigh fat fast, and look for ways to lose thigh fat fast.  The amount of fat in the thigh area can depend on your current age and your diet.  Consuming foods high in fat can cause fat to be stored in the thigh area requiring the need for diet modification and the performing of fat burning exercises.

Lose Thigh Fat Fast Reasons Why Thighs Become Fat

Studies have shown that men and women retain fat in different areas of their bodies.  Women are more inclined to retain fat on their thighs, especially during adolescence and pregnancy.  When an excessive amount of fat is included in the diet, this will often settle on the thighs if the body is not burning enough calories. If you are interested in having a complete diet and exercises program, we suggest you one here at Fat Reduction Pro.

Your Diet to Lose Thigh Fat Fast

Losing thigh fat requires the body to use more calories than are consumed. No amount of exercise will achieve reducing thigh fat if there is an excess intake of calories.  Especially if the foods being consumed are very high in fat.

So, your foods should be selected carefully to ensure that your caloric intake is less than your consumption in order to burn the stored excess calories that you had before and stopping storing extra fat, this can be done by cleaning your food and cutting all junk food, bad fats as you should also reduce fast carbs, sweets, and sugar to minimum to guarantee the highest burning rate.  Instead your diet should include complex carbs, good fats, natural sweeteners, and healthy snacks.

Best Exercises to Lose Thigh Fat Fast

Once the diet is under control the following Cardio and thigh toning exercises can help to melt thigh fat:

Best Cardio to lose thigh fat

Jogging, swimming, cycling, or walking briskly are considered the best cardio for losing body fat, you can also try cycling machine, elliptical, or stair machine if your prefer indoor training,  These exercises will help to burn fat if the heart rate is held steady at 50% to 85% of the maximum heart rate.  A heart rate below this level will be good for aerobic strengthening but will not count as a fat burning exercise.

All the cardio exercises mentioned above can be turned to HIIT to have the maximum burning results in shorter time.


There are several types of squats that can help you to lose thigh fat fast.  Here’s how to do this type of resistance training:

  • Place your hands lightly on your thighs and make sure to have your feet apart in line with your shoulders.  Slowly bend your knees so you are in a squat position.  Hold this stance for 10-15 seconds and then slowly stand up straight.  You should complete these squats in sets.  Start of doing 5 or so and work your way up to around 20 each session.
  • For wall squats you stand with your back against the wall.  Gradually bend your knees and slide down the wall until you legs are parallel with the floor.  Hold this position for 10-15 seconds and then gradually straighten up.  You should rest in between each of these squats but again they should be completed in sets.

Best exercises to lose thigh fat fast- Fat Reduction ProLunges

Lunges are a great help in thigh weight loss and toning.  Stand with your back straight and place your hands on your hips.  Ensure your feet are shoulder width apart.  Step forward and bend your knee keeping your back straight at all times. Hold this position for a few seconds and then straighten up.  Repeat with each leg, once again doing this exercise in sets.

When you are completing the above resistance training be sure to push yourself to your limit.  Easy exercise that doesn’t raise a sweat will not help you in fat reduction or weight loss.  If you want to lose thigh fat fast you really will have to put in the effort if you want to be successful!

Bottom line

In this article we answered your question: ‘How to lose thigh fat fast‘, and we went throw the reason of gaining thigh fat, your diet to lose thigh fat fast, and the best exercises to lose thigh fat, now you should start changing your life style to lose the excess fat and join the fitness world, and don’t forget to consult a doctor before starting any diet or exercises program.

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