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How to Lose Lower Body Fat

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The lower body constitutes the thighs, the hips, the lower abs and the lower limbs. Essentially speaking, how to lose lower body fat therefore touches on all the fat reserves that occur below the waist.

How to lose lower body fat is mostly about cleaning your foodSpot weight loss- losing body fat in particular regions of the body, as in the case of how to reduce lower body fat- is practically impossible. According to the American Council on Exercise, spot fat reduction is very arduous a strategy. The council recommends strategies that target the entire body instead. Such a holistic approach will definitely impact the lower body fat stores, just like the other parts of the body. This article has detailed some of the newly discovered techniques on how to lose lower body fat.

Strategy categories

How are the strategies on how to burn lower body fat categorized? The particular strategies have been broken down as follows:

• Diet to lose lower body fat

• Exercises to lose lower body fat

• The role of commitment & passion

Dietary restrictions to lose lower body fat

The desire, urge and commitment on how to reduce lower body fat will inevitably call for a careful watch on what you eat. The choice of the diet to lose lower body fat is not takes consideration of all the food components- fats, proteins, carbs, fruits etc. A lot of attention is given to the following aspects of the foods that we eat:

i. Fast foods

ii. Sugar in all its forms

iii. Carbohydrates

iv. Sodium in all its edible forms

Fast foods

Wondering how to reduce lower body fat and still do the fast foods? Well, the 2 are like water and oil. They never exist together. If you are interested in eliminating the lower body fats then, you just must part ways with most of the fast foods. This is because, most of them are processed with a lot of fats, sugars or the unhealthy carbs.

Sugar in all its forms

Reliance on diet to lose lower body fat depends a lot on keeping an eye on sugar foods we intake. Biologically speaking, our body depends heavily on sugar for energy. This is to say that without sugar in the body then one is as good as dead. Excess of this vital component could set the whole system spinning out of control. Any excess sugar is converted into body fats. Evidently, the lower body will also benefit from this generous supply. Sugar also makes our bodies very susceptible to insulin. Insulin controls various metabolic processes in the human body. In fact, researchers have linked insulin with gaining of body fat though the metabolic conversion of excess blood sugar into lipids. Evidently, the more sugar you consume, the more fat deposits in your body.


Carbs constitute the largest proportion of our food intakes. Carbohydrates are another complex form of sugars. As above mentioned, the body mechanism has a way of converting any excess sugars into fats. In addition, we have mentioned something on the sugar-insulin interaction.
That said, to keep a keen watch on the lower body fat, the recommended amount of carbohydrates is 50%. The bulk of this should be complex carbs.

Sodium products

The human body requires a measured amount of sodium for proper functionality. Any excesses of sodium in the body is a recipe for water retention in the body – a medical condition in which water is stored under the skin. This normally gives the skin a bloated and bulky appearance. In addition, it works up your body fat volume. You certainly don’t want to get this far, do you? Just keep an eye on your salt intake if you are to work down your lower body fat!!!

Doing Cardio to lose lower body fatExercises to lose lower body fat

The above mentioned dietary restriction goes hand in hand with rigorous exercise. The exercises that are most appropriate in losing lower body fat are classified into two main groups:

• Cardio exercises to loses lower body fat
• Weight training to lose lower body fat

How to burn lower body fat using cardio exercises

Cardio exercises come in very different forms. Swimming, running, rope jumping, walking and jogging are all forms of cardio. These exercises are best complemented with little bit of fasting. If you are not comfortable with that, there is the other alternative of resistance training-limiting your calories remarkably.

Note: In case of walking jogging, or running, if you want your exercise more challenging, you can try wearing a weighted vest.

When intensified, cardio exercise has immediate results. For the newbies, cardio is best done in sessions so that per session you spend a maximum of 30 minutes. 5 sessions weekly is just good for a start!!!

With proper scheduling, cardio exercising will provide the anticipated results just at the right time. Men and women alike can do the cardio exercises. If you want to take your cardio to the next level, try some of these best cardio machines.

Weight training to lose lower body fat

The question on how to lose lower body fat is best answered by weight training. Of course weight training means you must frequent the gymnasium.

The various tips provided herein include aspects on home based training. To mean tight office schedule is no excuse for not attending your training sessions. Here are some of the weight training tips that you will love:

Deadlift - Fat Reduction ProSquats

The squats are ideal for thinning the fat in the lower body. How to reduce lower body fat is made much easier because of the many muscles engaged during any single squat. This is the perfect hamstring for lower body fat deposits. Some of the muscles engaged in this light but very effective exercise include the hamstrings, the calf muscle, the muscles of the thigh and hips. Squats can be done at the gym, at home or right in the office.

Dead lifts

This one is best for building on muscle mass. Dead lifting engages all the major muscles of the body. In addition, it stimulates the secretion of more and more testosterone, a hormone that favors muscle building. If you are tending towards the nadir on how to burn lower body fat, the dead lifts is here for you.

Step ups

This one simulates the natural body movements. As a strength exercise, step ups are very effective in working your quads, calves, glutes and the hamstrings. Because of its variations, one can go for step ups to tone the lower body fats and still build on muscles.


This one is specific to toning the lower body both, in terms of shape and fat deposits. There are basically 3 types available of lunges:

• Barbell lunge
• Dumbbell lunge
• Body weight lunge

how to lose lower body fat - Fat Reduction ProThe good thing with the lunges is that there is provision for the newbies and the experienced lifters. The lunges particularly concentrate on the region below the waist. Your instructor will guide you on the most appropriate level to start.

Glute kick back

This is more spot specific. The glute kick back works your gluteus Maximus muscles and the hamstrings. It is a perfect substitute for squats and lunges. To some, it paves way for the same. How to lose lower body fat is even more simplified with the glute kick back.

Leg raise

The leg raise comes in different versions. Each version is muscle specific, so that you only concentrate on the leg raise that will tone your lower body and work specific muscles. The particular muscles that are worked by leg raise exercise include the: lower back muscles, abdominal muscles and hip muscles. It is very effective in toning the lower body!!!

Calf raise

The calf raise is appropriate for strengthening the calf muscles. Just like the case with leg raise, the calf raise is appropriate for strengthening the leg in general. It can be done using the dumbbells or just the body weight.

The above weight training exercises are best complemented cardio and dietary restrictions. A combination of the 3 is well-known to provide rapid results within a short span of time. Even so, it is practically impossible to attempt all these weight training exercises in one go. Choose on a set, then perfect them before moving on to the next.

The role of commitment & passion

Commitment & passion vital components of success. How to burn lower body fat never comes easy. At some instances it would call for sacrifices on time and even eating habits. A lot of compromise is not new to weight loss trainings. All these aspects call on you to love the game and dedicate your time and energy. Your level of commitment and passion defines probability of success in thus spot weight loss exercise. You have all it takes!!!!

We have provided you with a detailed coverage how to reduce lower body fat, exercises to lose lower body fat, diet to burn lower body fat. The content is but a guideline for you. It is not just enough to read. Implementation is the most important aspects if you are to realize real results!!!!!

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