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Ultimate Guide: How to Lose Arms Fat

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Strong, toned arms are something that everyone wants.  People everywhere joke about ‘bingo arms’ and ‘wing flaps’ to describe the upper arm area, in this article you’ll read about the reason of the arms fat and the answer of your question: How to lose arms fat.

How to lose arms fat - Fat Reduction ProWhat is the Main Reason of the Arm Area Fat?

The main reason for fat in the arm area is excess calorie consumption.  Arms do not get fat while the rest of the body stays thin.  If you are overweight elsewhere on your body, you will likely experience arm fat and be looking at weight loss as an option. Studies have shown that age may also play a factor in gaining arm fat.

How Can You Reduce Fat in the Arm Area?

Spot weight loss is not a realistic weight loss option.  Watching calorie intake, cardio and having a healthy exercise routine will enable a nice steady all over weight loss which is much better than fast weight loss. Losing weight is not easy and requires dedication – anyone expecting fast weight loss may be setting themselves up for disappointment.

What Type of Fat Burning Exercises Should You Do?

Cardio will definitely help with arm fat loss.  Running, swimming and even walking briskly can all be used for burning fat.  To ensure you are burning fat you need to make sure your heart rate is at the right aerobic level.  American health professionals recommend 50% to 85% of your maximum heart rate as the correct rate for fat burning.   A heart rate monitor can help you to exercise at the correct rate.

Kickbacks - Fat Reduction ProOnce you are doing cardio exercises, you will also need to start some exercises specifically for the arm area.  Pushups are a great start.  If you have trouble doing them, start with just one or two and work your way up to doing more.  If you find them really hard you can try doing them against a wall and once you are a bit stronger you can change to normal pushups.

A set of dumbbells will be a great tool for you for fat reduction in the arm area.

Try doing kickbacks – you bend forward at your waist and rest one hand on the back of a chair.  Raise the dumbbell until it is in a straight line parallel to the line of your back.  Keep your elbow tucked in and once again start out slow and increase the numbers as you get better at it.

Use your dumbbells to exercise your triceps.  Hold the dumbbells above your head with your arms very straight.  Slowly lower them by bending your elbows until they are in line with your ears, then raise them again.  Start out doing a few repetitions and increase the number as you become better at this.

 Finally, you should remember that your nutrition is the key for any fat loss process, and forms  about  70% of the answer to your question: how to lose arms fat?

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