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How to Get Perfect Abs

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This unique formulation on how to get the perfect abs is based on a strict program of diet and exercises, these two will form the basis for all the essential tips that I’m about to make known to you. It is also important that you note that striping away the excess body fat is the whole concept behind all the tips and principles on how to get your shredded abs. keeping your body fat in check is the only way you can expose those deep seated abdominal muscle definitions that constitute your abs.

In this post I will highlighted some of the best principles and tips on how to get shredded abs. To begin with, let’s list the principles then we will tackle each at a time.

  • Diet
  • Abdominal blasts
  • Do a lot of cardio
  • Supplement with scientifically advanced techniques


Perfect Abs DietConsistency and strictness are the rules when it comes to perfect abs. Tips on how to get perfect abs depend immensely on what one eats. The diet plan that works best should be such that it delivers just about all the nutrition needs of your rectus abdominis while at the same time having very low fat content. The diet should be taken on very strict time lines and in small meals.

Most bodybuilders eat frequently but in small meals and snacks. This is very critical in maintaining that continuous flow of nutrients to your body, keeping the insulin level as low as possible, and in ensuring that the body is not storing any excess calories in the form of fat. It is also essential for maintaining a very delicate nitrogen balance in the muscle cells.

Metabolism will be also enhanced when we eat in small proportions though frequently. With the concept of thermic effect of food in play, biological processes like oxidation are enhanced as the rate of body metabolism soars up high. This thing is good too for your abs.
Remember to cut down low the amounts of your carbs intake. This will in the longer run keep your blood sugar and your body fat in tight check, you will add more protein instead.

Abdominal Blasts

Abs are muscles like any other muscles in your body, and they should be trained, this will help them grow relatively and enhance the over all burning rate, as it has been found that the more lean muscles you have, the more calories you will burn.

The abs exercises should be very intensive and should be carried out for a maximum of 3 times weekly. The remaining days are meant for the muscle recovery.

Do a Lot of CardioPerfect Six Pack Abs

Engaging in a great deal of cardio exercises is good for your abs.

Cardio is good in burning out that resistant fat layer that is covering your abs. If your are in for cardio just for abs then it is best to do your exercises in the morning before any meal, as the insulin level will be in its minimum, no sugar in your blood, and no carbs to produce energy. The last resort would be the body fats.

This could explain why most professional bodybuilders prefer doing their cardio early in the morning. It is however very important that you do not over do the cardio, you don’t want to sacrifice your hard earned muscle mass, as the body will turn to it for energy through the catabolism.

Supplement with Scientifically Advanced Techniques

Having real shredded abs never comes easy. A strict diet and exercises are the resort of any one committed to having perfect abs. In the long run the reputable bodybuilders will tell you that getting perfect abs is not all about diet and exercises. Supplementing your gains with advanced fat burners is necessary if you want your abs to really stand out. Shredded abs call for an advanced formulation that will help boost your cellular fat oxidation. The beauty with using the supplements is that they cut immensely the overall time taken to see meaningful result.

What Are the Best Workouts for Perfect Abs?

Getting shredded abs requires one to undertake very specific and tough workouts. The particular training program should target building and strengthen the abs. The following are some of the top rated workouts that will help you stay the course and release your dream rock-solid six pack.

  • The reverse crunches
  • The flutter kicks
  • The cross crunches
  • Bicycle crunches

Let’s give further details on each:

Perfect shredded Abs The Reverse Crunches

In this one you only need to lie on your back then get your arms pressed hard on the ground. Raise your knees gently towards the chest then lower them flat on the ground. Repeat this for at least 40 rounds.

The Reverse Kicks

This only requires one to learn to stabilize on their lower back. The upper back remains raised throughout the duration of the reverse kicks. Once on your lower back you will need to lift your left and right legs alternately. Do this for at least 40 rounds.

Cross Crunches

Just like the case with the previous ones, in the cross crunches you lay on your back then raise one ankle to the knee level of the other leg. Let both hands be at the back of your head. Again perform this for at least 40 rounds.

Bicycle Crunches

Lay straight on your back then raise your legs perpendicular to your body. Now try raising your body with the hands straightened towards your foot. Repeat this for about 40 rounds. Change position. This time round sit down with your legs straight on the ground. Move your body forward with the hands straightened towards your foot. Again do this for another 40 rounds.

Having admirable shredded abs never come easy. No pain no gain…..so they say. Having the right diet complemented with the right workouts will help you stay the course. Consistency and determination will get you the results.

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