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How to Build a Perfect V-Shape

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Muscular body with nicely packed abs and chest are visible at first glance. But the body without a perfectly V-shaped back is incomplete. The question here arises how to build a perfect V-shape.

How to Build V-Shaped BodyThe answer to this question is you are going to do some hard work and build a stronger core. Just like other muscles it need to be trained hard and stretched all the way it can move.

Understanding the Composition of  the Back

Back in itself is not a single muscle, rather it is a group of muscles. Lats and trapezius cover most of the areas of your back; these two are responsible for most of the force you apply. Along with these two, rhomboids, infraspinatus, and teres are the muscles that add more defined shape to your back, and at the last there is erector spinae that covers the bottom of your back. All these muscles collectively add shape and definition to your Back.

Exercise Routine to Follow

For the most effective results, you’ll be following up the three basic categories of exercises and alternating them every week so as to maximize the gain.

In the first category you’ll be doing the strength exercises which include the deadlift, bent over barbell rows and bent-over one arm dumbbell rows. You should perform these strength making core exercises while keeping your back flat and moving all the way top to bottom, in order to make full stretch on your back.

How to have v-shaped bodySecond category is to focus more V-shape working on the outer sides of your back in a diagonal. Exercises in this category are pull-ups, chin-ups and Lats pull down. Remember to keep the full stretch and proper form.

In the third group, you’ll be doing exercises by keeping your hands in a closer position. Keeping the hands closer is necessary in order to make stretch on the inner side working your core. Exercises included in this category are Bar Rows, incline dumbbell rows and narrow grip seated cable rows. These exercises focus more on your Lats and traps.


In the end, we can conclude that core training and strength exercises are essential for building V-shaped back. Our back is composed up of the group of muscles, Start-up by doing the strength exercises to make your core stronger. Stronger core will help you get your smaller diagonal muscles pumped for a good V-shape. Always remember to perform a full stretch to work out each part of your back. Performing these exercises two times a week each after a rest of two days will give you maximum results.

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