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How to Build a Lean Muscle

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Bodybuilding is the process of stimulating your muscles to shape your body. Starting your bodybuilding routine will arise some questions, are you going to bulk or gain a lean muscle. This article is all about how to build a lean muscle.

How to Build a Lean MuscleLean Muscle building is basically getting a perfectly shaped body with strong and highly defined muscles with lower fat ratios. We’ll start from essentials of making muscle and then work our way all up to the exercises and diet plans.

Essentials of Lean Muscle

Three things are always necessary to make your muscles grow in a healthy way, to see some gains. Good exercise routine, healthy diet and in the end a good sleep makes it all. These three things are essential to follow and not to focus on even one of these will be a hurdle in making progress.

Workout Your Muscles

Getting to the gym you may ask a gym instructor how to build a lean muscle? Lean muscle building is something different as compared to the other exercise routines as compared to just fitness or going for a bulk. Exercises for lean muscle are focused more on shaping your muscles in proper form and high definition while keeping the fat lower.

First thing you’ll be doing in your exercises, which is beneficial also for losing excess fat as well is to hit the weight lifting three times a week. Shredding the excessive fat will add more definition into your muscles. Keeping your training weight low but doing high number of reps is recommended. It is found in surveys that pushing your muscles to the limit after which you can do no extra workout is most advantageous. This means you need to train your muscle till absolute failure. The idea of reaching the point where no more workout can be done is extremely good for gains.

Building lean musclesHave small rest times between your training sessions of high reps, for instance, if you are doing six sets of dumbbell bicep curls, having 30-60 seconds could be enough for you. As it is found by many researches that keeping the weight lower and training your muscles with high number of reps while keeping the rest lower in between the sets will help you burn your fat faster and add proportions. Some of the exercises for lean muscle gain are pushups, burpees, TRX bands and kettle ball workouts.

Regarding the exercises you’ll be doing three times a week, it should be remembered that you should not over train your muscles. Keep the sessions of 60-90 minutes for weight training and for three times a week. This will help you develop and progress in a better way because after every workout, your muscles get damaged, and they need time to recover to grow stronger.

Focusing on Your Diets

Before you may hit the gym and start lifting some heavy weights you need some fuel to power yourself for harder workouts to push yourself to limits.

After you wake up in the morning taking a breakfast within 90 minutes is a good idea to start your healthy day. What should you take in breakfast? Taking a breakfast with some eggs and brown bread is the way to fuel your body. Your muscles always need protein to grow. So start your day in a healthy way.

Foods for building lean musclesIn meals consider taking the protein rich foods, like eggs, turkey, fish, chicken breast, lean cuts of meat and consider eating the vegetables as they help you grow lean, Spinach is the one known as good source of glutamine which aids in muscle growth.

For a better progress taking larger breakfast and post-workout meals is essential. These are the two times when your body needs the most nutrition, it is also possible to have fast carbs in these two meals as they will be utilized efficiently by your body. Along with the meals consider eating some fruits that contain high nutrient ingredients. Such as apples, bananas and oranges. These are also high in fibers that is a plus point to be considered.

Enough Sleeping for Having Lean Muscles

It is found in the survey that sleeping is crucial to help you grow. 6-7 hours of sleep is usually recommended and is considered healthy. Sleeping more than 10 hours results in bad results and taking sleep less than 4 hours is not enough for your health too. As 4 hours will not give your muscles enough time to recover and more than 10 hours makes lazy. Sleeping at night in a good proportion is very helpful for making progress.


You may now know the answer to how to build a lean muscle. We have gone through the essentials of bodybuilding, then we focused on what exercises and in which manner to perform them to maximize gains. Foods that are beneficial for lean muscle gain and fruits as well were also explored.

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