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Top Unique and Fun Ab Exercises for Your Fitness Journey

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There are various fun ab workouts available in the market today. However, most of these do not guarantee immediate results. For this and other reasons, we have sampled some of the top unique ab exercises for your fitness journey.

According to qualified fitness instructors, some of the best ab workouts that would help you skip all the sit ups are as follows:

The Spiderman plank crunch

Fun Ab ExercisesAccording to experts, this is one of the best fun ab exercises for your back and abdominal area. It all starts with your forearms on the ground and the body on the ground. Carefully move the right knee towards your right elbow in a forward position. Return to the plank position. Now repeat the whole procedure by bringing your left knee towards your left elbow then return it to the plank position. Keep doing this for at least 10 complete times as you alternate sides. The beauty with the Spiderman plank crunch is that it can be performed anywhere at any time.

The Cable Rotation

This is much simpler compared to the first workout. It simply requires you to stand holding a cable with both hands under shoulder height. Keep your arms straight out and your abs engaged. Now in that position, try rotating your body from left to center for at least 10 times then repeat the same for the right hand side.

Fun Ab WorkoutsThe cross crunch

This sounds complex yet it actually isn’t. It requires one to lie on their back then have their arms and legs cross diagonally. Ensure that your arms and legs are straight so that the whole set up resembles an “X”. It certainly is one of the unique ab workouts, right? Once in this position, move your right hand towards your left foot. Do the same with the left hand and right foot. While doing this, try lifting you head, neck and shoulder off the ground. Repeat the entire procedure over and over again for at least 10 rounds. It works your lower abs, the rectus abdominis and the obliques.

The bicycle crunch

This is among the most common types of exercises. With moves closely related to the Spiderman plank crunch, the bicycle crunch requires one to lie on their back with hands behind the head. The legs should be raised and bent at 90 degrees. Bring your left knee towards the left elbow and then repeat the same with the right knee. This should be done slowly then faster for at least 60 seconds with the slow and faster rounds alternating. This exercise hits your lower abs and also targets your obliques.

Unique Ab WorkoutsThe Swiss ball roll-out

This is often very tedious a procedure yet very effective as one of the unique abs workouts. It involves kneeling on a mat with hand on a Swiss ball. Roll the ball while keeping your back straight and the abs engaged. The whole concept is about rolling the ball as far away as you can then moving it back to the starting position.

As one of the fun ab exercises, the Swiss ball roll out is really safe on the lower back. It workout the rectus abdominis. Change of angles of the roll out, like 45 degree roll outs, works your obliques.

Fun ab exercises are plenty. The choice of the best and unique ab workouts helps make it possible for one to have a sexy and unique ab within the shortest time duration.

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