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Cardio vs Weight Training for Weight Loss

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So, what about cardio vs weight training and which is the best?
Cardio largely deals with burning down your body fat and whittling down your scale reading to the most admirable value. Weight training on the other hand is all about lean and steamy! You like that, huh? Now you know which one befits your needs the most.

Cardio-training-vs-weight-trainingIf you are on a real epic battle with your scale, doubtlessly cardio is all you want. If you want those muscles or to just look “hot and steamy” in that new outfit, then weight training is yours for keeps.

What you must know on cardio vs weight training?

There is a lot of misconception about the actual working mechanism of these 2 critical aspects. The main cause for all this misunderstanding is that many trainees aren’t aware of what they exactly want. Cardio vs weight training have different impacts on your body. That is why we are out to give you the white truth!

Cardio training

This is basically the best fat burning “machine”. This is a very obvious allusion to the fact that cardio training is best for those who are not after muscles, the aerobic exercisers. This assertion is affirmed by the recent study conducted in the Duke University. Cardio training will give you just that low scale reading you so much crave.

Weight training

This is more of the reverse of cardio training in terms of logic and working mechanism. If you are seeking a combination of reduced body fat and a build-up of muscles then weight training will just serve you right. In fact if you want to fit in that skinny jeans, then weight training is the best.

Weight TrainingResearch studies in Penn University link weight training to build up of muscles and a reduction in body fat. The same study mentions that in the case of cardio training, two seventh of the pounds lost comes straight from the muscles. This makes building of muscles in cardio training hard to come by.
The same research study mentions that weight training can lead to the loss of up to 120 calories daily, none of which is from your muscles.

Evidently, this way, you build on muscles as you slash down on fats – overall body weight.

How exactly is cardio training beneficial?

In the cardio vs weight training, it is very imperative that we make straight the true benefits that accrue from cardio training. For those bothered with stress and related complications, cardio training works magic! It will completely rid you of that stress and any other attaching complications.

A unique combination of cardio vs weight training provides you real quick results. In fact, it comes out in the form of a complex combination of muscle mass building and a stress free lifestyle. Who does not abhor stubborn body fat and general stress?

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