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The Best Liposuction Alternatives

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Liposuction Alternatives are surgical procedures that involve the suction of fats through tiny incisions or cannulas. These procedures can now be performed more efficiently with the help of the new FDA-approved techniques.

So, what about the liposuction alternatives?

Liposuction AlternativesThese alternatives are but new techniques of removing the excess body fat without the need for incision or even a cannula. The new techniques are seen as being safer, more efficient and less traumatic than the original version. Added to these advantages is that shorter recovery time that comes with this surgical procedure. The beauty with these new alternatives is that they let the body remove the excess fat by its natural mechanisms.

The actual mechanism behind the FDA-approved liposuction alternatives

Now that we have mentioned about the new alternatives to the original liposuction, he question on the mechanism behind the new alternatives is more than obvious.

The actual working mechanism of the alternatives is more external based than internal. What do we mean? The entire operation that leads to the liquefaction of body fats is purely external. Remember the alternatives need no knife!

The technological ingredients in the new procedures are;

  • High intensity ultra sound
  • Lasers
  • Radio frequency waves

The set of 3 are essential in the “melting” of the body fats. Their properties are varied technically by experts to the best conditions for the operation. Endermologie concept is then utilized in the elimination of the liquefied fat non-surgically. So far the operation procedure is over and done with.

The body’s natural mechanism is then used in the elimination of the fats in the form of wastes. Most of it is metabolized by the help of the lymphatic system. The metabolism of the liquefied fats can also be enhanced with the help of a bit of weight training or even cardio exercise.

Which are some of the new liposuction techniques?

Some of the liposuction alternatives in the market today include;

  • The Zerona technique
  • The Accent ultra
  • Med contour
  • VaserShape
  • Thermage
  • TriPollar
  • 3D-Lipo
  • Liposonix ultrasound

Liposuction Six Pack absThe list is relatively long, but for the records just note that there are more than 25 liposuction alternatives available in the market today.

What are some of attaching benefits?

The liposuction alternatives have particular advantages that include those from the original technique. Some of the inherent advantages include:

The techniques is simple and convenient

Most medics prefer this technique because it is more of natural and has no skin incisions.

It is very gentle a procedure

Because of the fact that it actually involves no bleeding, bruises or even swelling, the new liposuction techniques are indeed very gentle to the body.

The procedure requires no painkillers.

Painkillers like anesthesia are not very good especially if one is exposed quite a number of times. With the liposuction surgery you are assured of no exposure to anesthetics.

The liposuction alternatives are, by far, the best techniques for rapid weight loss. You want your scale reading down low as soon as possible, then just go for the liposuction alternatives!!

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