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10 Best Keto Books of 2017/2018

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10 Best Keto Books

If you want to lose weight the healthy way, there is nothing faster and better than the Keto diet, it really one of the fitness trends nowadays. Other my might like to call it the Low carb high fat diet. Keto diet is all about pushing your body to break down the fat to use ketones instead of glucose.

To follow such a diet you need to read very well about it, before planning your daily meals and starting your diet system for the next months.

That’s why I brought this collection of the Best Keto Books of 2017/2018, as ranked by their readers, these books are really written by famous authors, so you will get the information you need by the field experts. You will find all you need to about the keto diet, and the delicious recipes you will enjoy having in your fitness journey.

Let’s move now to the reviewed books:

The Best Keto Books of 2017/2018

#1 – Keto Restaurants Favourite

Keto Restaurant FavoritesThe ketogenic diet has got immense popularity. This is due the fact that it has helped people in losing weight, managing chronic health and feeling great. The Keto diet book by the very famous cookbook author Maria Emmerich focuses on the keto movement and gives valuable information about the low-carb and high-fat recipes. The keto diet not only tastes good but it also nourishes the body. This Keto diet book by Maria gives us very useful tips by showing the required twist on ketogenic cooking. This book by Maria tells us various ways of recreating your favourite recipes in the Keto-style without giving up the dishes you love.

Maria Emmerich is a renowned wellness expert in the physiology exercise and nutrition. Maria has also written many cookbooks and a number of nutritional guidebooks.  Maria is a great author and fully understands the link between food and human.

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#2 – Keto Comfort Foods

Keto Comfort FoodsAs far as ketogenic diet is concerned it is related to the nourishment and healing of your body with the help of whole foods that are rich in nutrition.  This book by Maria Emmerich tells us that food is not limited to nutrition but it is love, celebration and tradition.  It is very commonly seen that the smell of a favorite dish or a thought of eating your favorite dish can lead to the creation of positive memories in your mind.

In this books Maria tells you that if you are on a Keto diet it is very easy for you to create your favourite meals and foods in healthy ways and for which you just need to be a little creative.  This book further tells us that by using a low- calorie or no-calorie substitutions for sugar and removing gluten-free additives from your diet you can create a great source of comfort foods that are great for every member of your family.

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#3 – The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis

The Ketogenic BibleAs a matter of fact, the ketogenic diet is becoming one of the most popular diets for weight loss and health. You will be glad to know that no other diet has the same benefits for health concerns whether its obesity of diabetes to cancer. In addition the keto diet has positive effects on performance related to athletics.

In the book “The Ketogenic Bible” Ryan Lowery and Jacob Wilson focuses at the fat-burning process due to the inclusion of ketogenic diet. This book is a complete source as far as information on ketogenic diet is concerned. This books shows how you should follow a ketogenic diet and how it affects the process and systems in your body. The approach shown in this book is based on the wide research that has been done on ketosis.  This book includes the practical tips and advices for following the ketogenic diet.  In addition you will also find more than 75 recipes in this book.

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#4 – The Keto Diet

The Keto DietThis book has been written by Leanne Vogel. This book brings you an entirely new approach for achieving health, weight loss and happiness with the help of a Keto-based life style. This book offers you a customizable approach that is suitable to every individual.  Leanne has included tools in order to enlighten everyone in order to develop a personalized plan of nutrition.  This book further offers you a wide range of options besides taking away the restrictions related to the traditional ketogenic diet.

This book by Leanne Vogel is a complete one-step guide to the ketogenic way of eating.  This book shows how you would be able to maintain a pale-friendly and whole foods-based diet along with lots of tasty recipes.

This book includes more than 125 healthy whole-food recipes and five 28-day meal plant that shows you the ways of eating a month long Keto-diet.

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#5 – Quick Keto Meals in 30 Minutes or Less

Quick KetoThe keto diet is considered to be the best diet if you are looking for weight loss or you want to maintain your blood sugar level.

This book brings you 100 delicious recipes rich with healthy fats for your lunch, dinner and breakfast.  This book shows you that you need not spend two hours in making one meal.  You just need about 30 minutes to prepare these keto recipes.  This book shows you the best way of preparing healthy dishes within no time.  It is simply not possible when you want to get your favorite meal on the table after a busy day but with the help of this book you can do so.

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#6 – Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking

Quick & Easy Ketogenic CookingIn this book Maria has explained the concept of Keto Diet in detail.  This book shows you that ketogenic diet is a way of eating that change your body from being a sugar burner to being a burner of fat.  It also tells you that following a ketogenic diet is a great way of supporting better health. The ketogenic diet can improve everything ranging from obesity to epilepsy and much more.

If you are someone who is busy and stressed out but want to start a ketogenic diet than this book is just perfect for you.  This book shows you the recipes that are simple and fast to prepare. Moreover, the recipes shown in this book are designed to support your body in the process of ketosis due to which you can heal. In addition, this book is also containing many options for people who want egg-free, dairy-free, nut free and vegetarian diet.

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#7 – The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse

The 30 Day Ketogenic CleanseThis Keto book by Maria Emmerich is for those people who are new to Keto and you are facing challenges in their first 30 days of following a Ketogenic diet.  It is very often seen that as the body adapts to burning fat instead of sugar it can result in the rise in cravings and also some people may not feel great.

This book offers you tasty recipes made from whole foods free from nuts and dairy. These recipes make you feel full and you do not feel the craving for food.  This book is like a guidebook which tells you the healing process of your body from inside out.

This book shows you the ill-effects of sugar in out diet and how it leads to inflammation.

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#8 – The Keto Reset Diet

The Keto Reset DietThis book is written by the famous author Mark Sisson. In this book Mark tells you about his superb ketogenic plan that adjusts your metabolism in three weeks and you can burn fat forever. A Ketogenic diet is one of the most effective and healthiest weight loss programs.  This book shows you that by following a Keto Diet you eat low-carb and low to moderate protein foods which helps to get rid of the bad effects of carbohydrate.  You are able to reset your metabolism and are also able to promote flexibility in your metabolism.

This book does not contain plan that require challenging restrictions instead it includes a two-step approach for following a Keto diet in the right manner. Mark also tells you about the secret of fast and stable weight loss. Moreover this Keto book by Mark tells you that it takes just 21 days to redesign your metabolism in order to burn fat for fuel. You also need to give away processed sugars, grains and refined oils and include Paleo foods in your diet which will give you amazing results.

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#9 – Keto-Adapted

Keto-AdaptedThe fact is that a Ketogenic diet is not new as people have been following a ketogenic diet for more than 3 million years.  People are under the impression that they need to eat less and exercise more if they want to lose weight.  In fact a well designed Ketogenic diet along with the right amount of exercise helps in building muscles which helps to build mitochondria.

This book by Maria contains the best nutrition information as far as fuelling your cell is concerned. This book tells you about the Keto-adapted recipes which helps you to become keto-adapted faster than before.

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#10 – The Ketogenic Cookbook

The Ketogenic CookbookThis Keto book has been written by none other than the famous low-carb diet podcaster and blogger, Jimmy Moore. This book brings you more than 150 delicious keto-friendly recipes that are best for anyone looking to be a part of nutritional ketosis or someone who wants to have a healthier food.

This book further explains that how a ketogenic diet treat chronic illnesses from heart disease to type 2 diabetes to epilepsy. If you are looking for a healthier way of eating that also helps in healing your body of the damage done by eating years of carbs and sugar than ketogenic diet may be the best diet for you. Not to mention you need not sacrifice your taste for good health if you follow a Ketogenic diet. If you are looking for low-cab recipes then this book is a must read for you.

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Bottom Line:

We came to an end with this nice post of the best keto books of 2017/2018 that you should read before you start putting your meal schedule to implement your keto diet. Don’t forget to consult a doctor if you are experiencing any health issue.

Also you need to bear in mind that dieting is not the only factor in the fitness formula, you should remain active too, by performing moderate to high workout system, you can do it by changing your life style to dedicate some time for outdoor activities. Doing outdoor cardio or weight training will do the job for you. If you can’t dedicate that time to go for any outdoor activities, home cardio machines will be another option that might suit you.

With persistence and determination, I’m sure you will reach your goal, and write your own success story soon.

Happy journey!

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