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Best Fat Burning Foods for Abs

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Having healthy body with ripped abs is the dream of everybody, and when you start to take actions toward achieving this goal, the first thing you have to adjust is your food, because your food is the key that if properly planned, it will give you magical results, here in this article we selected for you the best fat burning foods for abs that you could add to your diet:


YogurtYogurt Role -Belly fat burning foods for fat reduction

Increasing your intake of yogurt which you take every day, will help you drop waistline sizes. This is completely true, because fat around your waist produces the hormone cortisol that make your body store even more belly fat, when you have yogurt, the calcium direct your fat cells to pump out less cortisol, making it easier for you drop pounds, while the amino acids help will help you to burn more fat.


Adding seafood to your meals, will slim you waistline and results in good health too. Having seafood will not only reduce your fat, it will also prevent future fat gain, as it contain monounsaturated fat (MUFA) which is approved by studies that it play main role in preventing belly fat gain when taking it on daily bases.


This could flash us back to the wisdom says “One apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Apples are a great source of vitamin C, an antioxidant, and studies shown that antioxidants help inhabit heart disease and also prevent the forming of some cancers. Apples contain pectin, which will keep blood cholesterol levels balanced, it has an effect of taking away cholesterol out of the bloodstream, and also have another effect in the absorption of carbohydrates, which by result prevent the blood sugar level spikes.

All the mentioned above facts must push you to include apples in your meals.

Green Tea

However, green tea does not go through as much processing as other types of tea, so it is much higher in antioxidants. Catechins in green tea may boost metabolism and help your body burn fat by allowing you to expend more energy and burn more calories.

Cold Water

Drinking water in order to lose weight is the easiest way you have ever heard. Yes, drinking cold water will make your body show some resistance to heat the water to your body temperature and this will ends up with belly and overall body fat burning.

Chicken Breastschicken breasts - Belly fat burning foods for fat reduction

Meats are great source of protein, which is the main role player in building muscles, and it is approved that, the more muscles you have the more calories you’ll burn.

Proteins has more digestion time than carbs, which make you feel full longer than any other source of calories.

Specifically- chicken breasts, are considered of the highest sources of meat protein, they contain high protein percentage (average of 30g per 100g ).


Another rich source of protein are Eggs. It is concentrated form of animal protein, with lower fat that those come with meats. Researches show that people who eat eggs with cereal or toast in breakfast lost weight twice as much as those who have more carbs instead, this make eggs considered one of the best fat burning foods for abs.


Oatmeal is fiber-rich food that has fewer calories than other low-fiber grains, oats also make you feel full longer, so you can use it to reduce calories as much as you want, which in turn will lead your body to burn more fat.

Low Caloric Protein Powder

The good planning of your protein supplement will help you to gain muscles and burn fat. If you want to lose your belly fats, don’t ever buy high caloric protein powder, focus on low caloric instead, which will supply your muscles with the pure protein they need, with no fat gain, for such a purpose, nothing work better than Super Advanced Whey Protein.

 However, we listed above the best fat burning foods for abs, we want you to put in mind that the belly fat burning foods alone are not enough, you should add more activities and exercises to your lifestyle to get the maximum result you need.

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