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5 Tips Will Maximize Your Cardio Training Results

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Fat reduction seems to be in everyone’s thinking. So this article is supposed to help with doing cardio in proper manner for fat loss from Fat Reduction Pro with 5 cardio tips to maximize fat loss.

Doing Cardio in GymHuge number of people do cardio everyday and it is advised by top health organizations as an integral part of any healthy system. The question is how to make cardio training more effective for fat loss. The following 5 tips will help you do just that:

Do Cardio in Your Fasting State or Immediately After Weight Training

The time in which you do your cardio workouts has a big effect on the amount of fat that you will burn with them.
The time is not as important as how long passed since your last meal. Doing cardio while in a fasted state, meaning that your last intake was consumed 8-10 hours earlier, ends with huge fat loss. Another effecient time for your cardio which is also noticed that it has huge burning effect is just after your weight training, the theory is that the human body has to tap into fat stores more than at any other times simply due to the shortage of available energy to use.

Do Interval Cardio

Intervals have been approved to burn more fat than cardio exercise sessions done at a constant slow-to-moderate intensity. Intervals also raises your metabolism at a higher rate for a longer period after exercise is over which results in more calories burned over time.

Burn Your Fats But Not Your Muscles

Cardio is about burning fat, but it can also burn muscle. Minimize lean mass loss and maximize fat burning by taking 5-10 grams of BCAAs and 1-2 grams of carnitine half an hour before your exercises. BCAAs reduce protein breakdown, and carnitine make fat-burning process more efficient during your cardio.

Have More FunCardio on treadmill

During doing cardio training, do your best make it as fun as possible. Try playing some kind of sport , like basketball. Training systems for learning most sports will have some type of cardio workouts (such as with basketball, practicing dribbling and shooting baskets), and they end with great amounts of fat being lost, and you will not even feel that you are doing exercises.

Vary Your Cardio

Changing your cardio style is the greatest way to keep you responding to your exercises to increase the rhythm of fat burning. Instead depending on that treadmill for most of your cardio training, you can break your entire cardio session up into high intensity 4 or 3 sessions by alternating machines for each of those sessions, this way you’ll have great result and will never feel boring.

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