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Six Pack Abs Facts That Will Shock You

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When you think of losing weight, the first thing you want to lose is your belly fat, and in most cases it is the hardest mission in the gym, which pushes you quickly to give up, and stop the whole training.

Six Pack Abs Facts are Playing Big Role Showing your Abs.

Actually having six pack abs is not impossible, it is the way you deal with which make it more difficult and this is due to the missed knowledge of the nature of your ab muscles.

In this article we will explore 5 abs facts  that could shock you and will surely change your abs workout schedule:


Your Six Pack Abs Need Rest as Other Muscles Need

If you do abs exercises everyday in order to have a flat belly, you could be strain your muscles.
The owner of White Fitness & Nutrition Studios – Jim White recommends to do your abs exercises three to four times a week and allowing a recovery to take place.

Abs Exercises are Not Enough

Another important strategy is to merge things up: New research published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research shows that doing a system of core-strengthening workouts alone won’t reduce your waistline size. When volunteers did seven moves 5 days a week, they had stronger abs muscles but they didn’t lose fat or inches. If you want to make chiseled abs, you need to train all your main muscle groups, do cardio, and clean your food by following a healthy diet.

Having Lower Back Muscle is Big Supporter

If you have a high priority for you abs, remember that your lower back is their main supporters. When it comes to waistline, your lower back appear into that figure just as much as stomach fat does. Furthermore, a strong lower back muscles makes it possible for you to complete intense abs-focused exercises and reduce the possibility of injury. If you avoid your back, not just will you have a more difficult time completing abs workouts in the first place, but you’ll also have a high possibility of harming yourself and having to put off abs-targeted moves completely while you recover. You can say that, if you want that six-pack abs, your lower back should be there too.

You Can Still Have Fats While Having Abs Exercises

Facts About Six Pack Abs

Even if you are following a diet in order to have six pack abs, you can have fats in you food, but we are here talking about the healthy fat, especially those mono-saturated fats which are found in avocados, nuts, and olive oil.

Abs Workouts Decrease Your Risk of Osteoporosis

Because underweight women are recognized to have increased chance of osteoporosis, it was assumed that the heavier you are, the healthier your bone. It is found that visceral fat is associated with reduced bone-mineral density in women who suffer the Obesity, Subcutaneous fat did not demonstrate such a link.

Finally, remember that abs are of those muscle which need a lot of Patience and hard working to appear, and when it is done, you will experience the flavor of victory with the amazing results.

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