How to Lose Upper Body Fat

Great shoulder, arm and back muscles go a long way to make both men and women  appear leaner and more in proportion.  After reading the article below you will know how to lose upper body weight and you’ll be showing off your firm upper body in no time.

How do you lose upper body fat?

Push-ups - How to Lose Upper Body Weight - Fat Reduction Pro

Definition of the upper body is a more easily seen when it is not covered up by fat cells.  From  this point you will surely realize that it is all about your body fat percentage,  which can be controlled by three factors: Diet, Cardio and Exercises. If you are interested in having a complete diet and exercises program, we suggest you one here at Fat Reduction Pro.

Your Healthy Diet

To lose upper body fat ( as to lose any other fat in your body ) your diet should contain these three basic categories with their proportions ( 40% Protein, 50% Carbs and 10% Good Fats ) , as you should eliminate all the bad fats, processed food, fast food, full fat dairy, reduce the sugar to minimum levels and focus on the complex carbs which will make your insulin level as low as possible, you should also stay away from sodium sources to avoid water retention.

You should calculate your daily caloric need and reduce them by 300 calories to get calorie deficit , this tactic will push your body to attack those fat stores to release stored energy.

The Needed Cardio for Fat Reduction

Between 20 and 30 minutes of cardio exercise every other day will help to lose upper body fat.  Remember, this needs to be done in conjunction with resistance training.  Check your heart rate to make sure you are exercising at the correct fat burning level.

If you want faster results and need to have metabolic change you could try HIIT Cardio. Do it after your weight training or at your fasting state to lose upper body fat faster, but be aware that doing it while fasting could result in lean mass catabolism too.

Best upper body workouts

After cleaning your food and adopting your everyday routine with cardio sessions as basic factors to lose upper body weight, it is now the time to explore the best exercises that play huge role in upper body toning as it will be the last part before coming to the end of answering your question “how to lose upper body fat“.

Do the following exercises 3 times per week. Three-four sets of around 15 repetitions each time are best.  Use a weight that is a challenge for you but does not make it impossible to complete each exercise.  If this is difficult at first, start off doing less repetitions and slowly build up to the optimum number over time.

Bicep Curl - How to Lose Upper Body Fat - Fat Reduction Pro

  • Push Ups – The push up uses more muscles in the upper body than any other exercise.  This is a good indicator of overall fitness which is why it is used in fitness tests.
  • Bicep Curl – Biceps are the secondary muscle used in almost every upper body movement, including the chest, back and arms.  It must be kept strong to ensure everyday movements are performed easily.
  • Wrist Curl – Important for strengthening muscles in the forearm and the wrist joints
  • Triceps Overhead Extension – This exercise is used for the triceps muscle in the back of your arm.  Repetitions of this one will ensure no saggy upper arm areas and increase the strength you have in this area too.
  • Triceps Push Ups – With your hands closer together than for normal push ups you will experience highly effective strengthening of the upper body, particularly the back of the arms.
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press – Long periods spent in sedentary work such as sitting behind a desk can result in neck aches and spasms.  This exercise will strengthen deltoids and trapezium muscles, helping to eliminate these spasms.
  • Side Dumbbell Lateral Raise – Strong deltoids are essential for great posture and steady balance.  Keeping these strong will help prevent sagging shoulders in old age.
  • Lower Back Extension – This will specifically strengthen your lower back muscles.  A daily dose of high repetitions of this exercise will help a lot with lower back pain.
  • The Superman – Easy to complete on the floor, this will help stretch lower back muscles and improve balance and posture.  Another good one for office workers.
  • Lying Barbell Extensions – Similar to the previous exercise, this one has the added benefit of working to strengthen your forearm and wrist.  Your core muscles and even your quads will also see some improvement.

None of these exercises are too difficult and consistency is very important.  If you stick to regular upper body workouts combined with fat reduction, you should notice the changes and lose upper body weight in no time.

8 Responses to How to Lose Upper Body Fat

  1. Alice says:

    Thank you , ive been trying to get rid upper body fat for quite some time now by just doing cardio but for some reason i’ve only lost weight on my legs, my upper body frame is a little on the brod side so i really cant afford to have extra weight, im definetly gonna try this out. If there is any more infornation that could help me reach my goal i would really appriciate it.

    • Nice to read that you started following our guide, our advise to you is to be consistent and persistent, your body will lose the lastly gained fat first till you reach your goal, so don’t give up!

  2. Renee says:

    Will this help me only lose upper body fat only, or will it take some of my lower body fat

    • Cleaning your food and having cardio sessions help you to lose your body fat in general, upper body exercises help you to tone your upper body as having body lean mass will enhance your fat burning too.

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