How to Lose Upper Body Fat

Men and women alike are constantly looking for the best tips on how to lose upper body fat. This is particularly attributed to the fact that most of the articles that purport to detail aspects on exercises to lose upper body fat only turn out as real gimmicks. This article is however very different! Find out why?

Bicep Curl to upper body fatSo which are the top tips on how to lose upper body fat?

Reducing fat from a particular area has been found by many researches to be a myth. This matter is all about reducing your body fat percentage to lose the fat that your body tends to store it on your upper body, you should consider this fact as the only natural way to reduce upper body fat.

So, to have a well-defined upper body requires you to have real control of the amounts of fat deposits in this part of the body. To help you lose upper body weight we will provide you with the following scientifically tested techniques:

• Diet

• Exercises

These techniques complement each other in answering that very nagging question on “how to lose upper body weight”. Of course that is only if you are interested in rapid results!!! For a detailed coverage on each aspect, we will tackle one at time!

Healthy diet to lose upper body fat

To make real your quest for a definitive upper body and lose upper body weight, what you eat really matters. This is to say that you will have to really check on what you eat at any time of the day. We have broken down the aspects of diet on how to reduce upper body fat as follows:

  • First and foremost, your diet should contain all the vital nutrients in proportionate measures. Carbohydrates will often top the list as expected-50%, proteins are next in terms of proportion-40% and then fats at the lowest -10%.
  • Avoid foods rich in bad fats. Such include most processed foods, fatty dairy products and some fast foods.
  • Minimize your sugar intake. Instead focus more on complex carbohydrates. This is key in minimizing on insulin sensitivity, a crucial aspect in checking on hunger and overall food consumption.
  • Slash down your daily calories to a record 300 calories. This is normally relays “starvation signals” to the brain. The consequence is immediate utilization of the bodily fat deposits. The results will be self-evident; a well-defined and sexy upper body!
  • Avoid sodium and related products. They are vital in initiating water retention in the body, a big enemy of reducing body weight.

These are just some of the tips that are considered beneficial, not just for purposes of losing upper body weight but, managing overall body weight. Our list is shorter because we have just majored on the very vital points. This however, does not negate the effectiveness of the other measures that relate to weight management. The only addition we have made is to concentrate on the aspects that are beneficial to the reduction of fats in the upper body, the back, the tummy, the arms, the neck and the chest regions of the body.

Ripped Upper Body Best Exercises to lose upper body fat

Now that you have come to grips with the dietary do’s and don’ts it is about time we welcomed you to the real thing- exercising. This is what make the difference between rapid results and “long term” results. In this article, we will spend some valuable time in the gymnasium. If you’ve never been to one then, you don’t have to worry! We will do you an intro….

When it comes to exercises to lose upper body fat, we have secrets to a strategy that is not very strenuous as most others, yet achieve better results within a short time frame. Our strategy consists of weight training and cardio training. Of course, as always, each at a time!!!

Weight training

If you are concerned on how to reduce upper body fat through exercise then weight training will do the most of it. Weight training in itself is very effective in building on muscle mass. Weight training is more of the reverse of cardio training, though some trainers would recommend both for rapid results.

Reputable research institutions like Penn University have demonstrate scientifically that weight training has a remarkable impact on the body fat stores. On the same breadth, weight training helps build on muscles. Needless to say, weight training will certainly improve your upper body outlook. Of course it works best under strict dietary procedure. It combines how to reduce upper body fat with a build-up of muscles.

Push-ups to tone upper body fatHow to go about weight training for upper body fat loss

For the newbies, we have lain bare the whole procedure involved in weight training. Of course the content herein is geared towards how to burn upper body fat.

In weight training, muscle building is the key thing. Of course weight loss comes in handy. Depending on your level, the instructor will advise you on the most appropriate “weights”. The lifting of these weight should be geared towards the upper body muscles; the chest, the arm, shoulder and the abdominal muscles. This way, your question on how to reduce upper body fat is well taken care of by weight training. This applies for either gender.

The more intensive it is the more muscle mass. The intensity of the weight training is decided on by the instructor.

Here are some of the light weight training tips that you can use right there at home or in the office. From the following list of exercises only choose on a set of about 5 and stick to the same if you want real results. Determination and commitment are paramount!!!

i. Push ups

The push-ups are very effective in building on the upper body muscles. Because of this, push-ups are used in fitness tests. They are healthy for either gender.

ii. Bicep curls

The bicep curls is very effective in strengthening chest muscles, back muscles, back muscles and arm muscles. The bicep curls are very effective in body fat management especially in the upper body.

iii. Wrist curls

To strengthen your arm and wrist muscles, the wrist curls are vital ingredients of your exercise.

Triceps Exercises are very important for arm fat loss.iv. Triceps overhead extensions

This particular exercise is beneficial in reducing risk of sags in your upper arm. Upon losing most of the fats in the arm the muscles may tend to sag due to age or just underuse. The triceps overhead extensions will help keep them strong and turgid.

v. Triceps push ups

This is yet another simple home base technique of how to lose upper body fat. The triceps push-ups eliminates a bulk of the fats in your arm and back. It also strengthens the muscles in the upper parts of the body.

vi. Dumbbell shoulder lateral raise

This one eliminates upper body muscle spasms and adds strength. It particularly targets the trapezium muscle and the deltoid muscles.

vii. Lower back extension

This, if repeated over time, the lower back extension helps strengthen the lower back muscles. It also helps eliminate back pains remarkably.

viii. The superman

This helps strengthen lower back muscles. In addition, the superman helps improve on posture and overall body balance. Because it does not require a lot of space, office workers can enjoy it just like their counterparts in the gymnasium.

ix. Lying barbell extension

This one improves your upper arm muscles as well as wrist. The impact of lying barbell extension can also be felt at the core muscles and the quads.
Cardio training

Now we can choose to leave the gymnasium, though we will still need to check in time and again. Cardio training is the converse of weight training in terms of the working mechanism, though they share some aspects. The goodness with cardio training is that it can be done outdoor in the field and indoor in the gymnasium. It is recommended for those not interested in muscle mass; just loss of upper body fat.

Cardio on treadmillHow to burn upper body fat through cardio training

To start off, we will tackle the outdoor cardio training. This mostly involves a lot of jogging, swimming, biking and rope jumping. The bulk of outdoor cardio mostly constitutes running round the track.

Doing 20 – 30 minutes of cardio exercises every other day will help to melt upper body fat. Remember, you need to do it in conjunction with resistance training. Check your heart rate to make sure you are exercising at the correct fat burning level.

If you are seeking faster results and need to have metabolic rate change you should try HIIT Cardio. Do it after your weight training or at your fasting state to lose upper body fat faster.

This just makes you lose a lot of your calories. It is mostly recommended for ladies. It yields just the required results of that sexy upper body!

The various tips we have provided on how to reduce upper body fat are very effective individually. If one is interested in rapid results a combination of the dietary techniques and exercises must go hand in hand. They make your upper body very gorgeous!!!


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6 Responses to How to Lose Upper Body Fat

  1. Alice says:

    Thank you , ive been trying to get rid upper body fat for quite some time now by just doing cardio but for some reason i’ve only lost weight on my legs, my upper body frame is a little on the brod side so i really cant afford to have extra weight, im definetly gonna try this out. If there is any more infornation that could help me reach my goal i would really appriciate it.

    • Nice to read that you started following our guide, our advise to you is to be consistent and persistent, your body will lose the lastly gained fat first till you reach your goal, so don’t give up!

  2. Renee says:

    Will this help me only lose upper body fat only, or will it take some of my lower body fat

    • Cleaning your food and having cardio sessions help you to lose your body fat in general, upper body exercises help you to tone your upper body as having body lean mass will enhance your fat burning too.

  3. leah says:

    I am depressed about my upper body shape. I seem not to be doing the right exercise. i have been doing cardio for two weeks instead of losing I am gaining more on the upper body, it seems as if I am lifting right now, the t-shirt that use to fit me are not fitting me anymore especially on the breast and the back. what can I do to lose weight on the upper body. I have this big ugly meat on my back and its taking me down, I have lost confidence. I cant even go shopping on clothes because nothing fit me correctly. I am big on the upper body and small at the lower body. Its really depressing. I have tried many things even 13 days metabolism diet. Please help disparately in need of help.

    • You should believe first that it is not all about exercises to get rid of your fat. Cleaning your food plays a big role in your case, avoid having bad fats, junk foods, fast carbs, sugar and sodium, this way you will enhance your metabolic rate and help your body to respond better to the exercises you’re doing. As mentioned in the article above, the formula must include both: Diet + Exercises = Healthy body.
      Doing cardio could increase you appetite, which you can deal with by having healthy snacks. Avoid being in starvation mode as much as you can.
      Final advice, never ever give up, you can do it!

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