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Best Cardio Machines 2017

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If you are really bored slogging away on that treadmill day after day then it might very well impact on the outcome of your workouts. Here are the best cardio machines in 2017, ideal for any modern gym, or even to be used at home.

  • The Woodway Curve
  • Concept2 Skierg
  • Assault Airbike
  • Jacobs Ladder
  • Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower

There are many other machines that can suite your cardio exercises in the gym. Our list consists of a few of the most effective. Let’s capture further details on each.

Woodway CurveThe Woodway Curve

This one is more of the usual treadmill, only that it is not powered by a motor. Instead, it is powered by the user. The faster you run the faster it rolls. Its curved base makes it ideal for working your lower body muscles. According to Bruce Mark, a co-founder of Men’s Health, the curved nature gives you a feel of running uphill the entire time. It therefore makes you expend 30 percent more energy as compared to the case with the motorized treadmill. This is one of the reasons Woodway curve is among the best cardio machines. Its current market price is about $5,950.

The Concept2 Skierg

This is particularly suited and tailored towards helping skiers build up more power. Even for those not intending to hit the slope anytime soon, the Concept2 Skierg is ideal for a grueling cardio and upper body workout. With this, one uses abs, arms, shoulder and the hips. It is best when the user changes the positions of their legs quite often. It is one of the best cardio machines that will force your core to work much harder to stay braced up. Its current market price stands at about $730.

The Assault AirBike

This is one of the toughest yet, effective of cardio machines. It is designed with a fan that provided air resistance according to how hard one pumps. The Assault AirBike is best at providing intense aerobic workouts necessary for burning large amounts of fats within short duration. It is best combined with some bit of sprinting.

The Jacobs Ladder

The Jacobs Ladder is another of the best cardio machines. This ladder is on an endless rising mode at 40 degrees angle of elevation. It is therefore a lot of fun in as much as it helps workout most of the core muscles. This machine if best for your quads, shoulders and other big muscles. It scales up ones metabolism so that it is very beneficial in keeping your body fats under strict check.

The current market price stands at $3995 among certified dealer outlets.

Concept2 Model D indoor Rower

This one works your upper body and lower body. It has almost the same cardiovascular benefits as running. In addition, it provides just the required muscular and aerobic endurance to blast out the lower and upper body. The current market price for the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower is $900.

You want value for your investments in the gym, try the best cardio machines 2017!

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